WORDS from the President.

A year ago I alluded to Paul Ricoeur's thought that Remembrance is look toward the past. Nevertheless, he does not say to turn to Yesterday but encourages to look in front of us, to use the past to build the future.

To visit one of the necropolises, lay a flower, a bouquet there, to reflect, alone or with one's family, with one's children, grandchildren, is opening one's heart to Peace defense. Aren't the soldiers' graves, according Albert Schweitzer, Peace preachers?

On one of the memorials in Normandy, I can read these couple words by Pope Paul VI : “That so many casualties' death sleep be a warning for present and future generations so that they remember such horrors must never happen again”.

Our founders, Claude Lavieille and Frank Towers, undoubtedly instructed in these thoughts wanted the association, through paying homage, to be a humility sharing far away from any ego, with young generations, as they did when they accompanied schools and middle schools to the sites.

Thus, as Claude and Frank did, we must, faithful to the association's original ethics, you and I, communicate with young generations passing this collective memory on to them for Peace to be a masterpiece of reason tomorrow.

The President,
Georges Pierre Joret.
75th Anniversary of D-Day.

1944 2019

This coming spring, and most likely during the summer season, you will have the opportunity to pay homage to our liberators whether Americans, Canadians, British ...

Our association will emphasize this period with key moments.

As soon as April 7, during our annual congress, a tribute will be paid to all the ones who, whose names are written on the Walls of the Missings, are lost at sea without being able to set foot on shore, at UTAH BEACH (cf. Page 3).

Then on June 7 in

salle Condé-Espace at 8pm a

by an American students orchestra, composed of one hundred or so musicians.

They join us, through Jazz, Gospel,... to the homage we owe to our “godchildren”.

The administrators, members from Condé-sur-Vire will be glad to welcome you and share with you the taste of LIBERTY our fellow citizens rediscovered in 1944.

Other events will be organized, among them is a Veteran – students gathering, open to members. The date will be given at our congress and/or on the website.
On Sunday April, 7 2019
salle du Haut-Dyck (promenade du port)
in CARENTAN-LES-MARAIS (Manche Department)

The administrators will be glad to welcome you at the annual Congress which will conclude with a ceremony at UTAH BEACH.
On an indicative basis, the day will happen this way:

9:00am : Welcoming reception.
9:30am : Work opening
– speeches
– reports' reading
– elections
10:45am : Presentation of the afternoon
– comments from the middle schools and high schools : St-Exupéry middle school, Millet high school, Sivard de Beaulieu high school and St- Joseph middle school (49)
11:00am : Round-table discussion
– subject : the airborne troops, the hedgerow battle.
12:00 : Closing speech by the United States of America Consul.
12:15: Lunch
3:15pm: Ceremony at Utah Beach
– Speeches
– Wreaths laying
– Minute of silence
– Dedication of a memorial paying homage to the US Navy Armed Guard
– Revelation of the rose “Remember”
– Procession to the beach
– Moment of reflection and laying of flowers

(At the time this is printed, the proceedings of the afternoon may be modified.)