Please print this form and send it back to the following address :

Les Fleurs de la Mémoire
15A, rue de la Mairie

For more information, please contact us at
You wish to become a member of our association through adopting one or several graves of a, or several, soldier(s) who lost his life during the 1944 fighting and resting in Normandy.

In the name of Frank Towers, a veteran who deeply wished this act of gratefulness, of Claude Lavieille, founder of Les Fleurs de la Mémoire, and in the name of all of those who immediately answered their call, I express my sincere gratitude.

To lay a couple flowers tied by the stem at the foot of a cross or a Star of David, is a gesture of remembrance, a symbolic one, honorable as much as discreet, a gesture from the heart. It is an act of gratefulness towards the one who rests under the lawn, after he performed the ultimate sacrifice so as to give LIBERTY back to us.

Your request will be dealt with as soon as possible ans you will receive :

- your membership card
- your grave location document
- the association statutes
- a map of the cemetery
- a leaflet of the association to help us be known

I recommend you to write on the back of your document the dates you go to the cemeteries. This is an easy way not to forget a visit.

Glad to share with you the due respect to the ones who performed the ultimate sacrifice, and more particularly to the ones who stayed on the soil of Normandy, far away from their families, yours sincerely.

PS : You can ask for another grave to adopt without having to give more money.

To all members :

You all received, at time of your subcription, a card for each grave you have been attributed. The informations which enable you to quickly locate the grave are written on it. On the reverse side of this card, you have the possibility to write the dates who visited the graves. This is a precious guide not to forget.

However, we are confronted with two situatuions, from time to time :

- Some members, a bit distracted, lose them and ask us to redo what we had already done up to then. From now on, the card will no longer be done again but we will communicate the informations via email, text message or mail. (This kind of situation comes to a new subcription cost).
- Others, more distracted, forgetful, realize, once on site, they forgot the cards and ask via text messages or internet to communicate the names and locations of « their » soldier as quicky as possible.

In any case, specify your name, address, the cemetery concerned, the soldier's name and the plot if you remember not forgetting your contact details.

We are all volunteers, some have jobs, thus it is not always possible to answer immediately. We try to be as quick as possible but if the anwer does not come fast, please do not blame us for it. We remain, each at his task at your service.
You are about to move or you already moved

Don't forget to let us know of your new contact details, specifying :

- your last name and first name
- your previous address
- your new address
- your email address
- your phone number (if unlisted, specify it)

Indeed, too many envelopes come back to us each year « unknown at this address ». Just a few minutes and you save us from resovling some difficulties. Here is a marker, every year you should receive a mail in March.

We remind you that three mail returns in a row ( meaning three years) leads to the removal on the fourth year. As an example, about fifty members are in this case this year.

If you can no longer or with difficulty visit the graves you adopted, please ask your family, your friends to perpetuate your REMEMBRANCE commitment and let us know of these changes via a mail specifying your « successor »'s contact details so that we can forward any information.

In case a member passes away, any descendant or heir can perpetuate the Remembrance.