Article 1 - The members of the association have founded « Les Fleurs de la mémoire», this association is under the control of the 1st July 1901 law and the 16th August decree.
The aim of the association

Article 2 - The aim of the association is to put flowers on the graves of the American soldiers who were killed during the Battle of Normandy in 1944 and who rest for ever on Norman soil.
Head office

Article 3 - The Head is situated in the buildings of the Saint-Lô town hall. It can be transfered according to the decision of the governing body.
This decision will have to be ratified during the general meeting.
Members of the association

Article 4 - The association is made up of honor members,benefactor members and subscribing members.

- The honor members are chosen by the association for services rendered to it
- The benefactor members are people who offer financial support to the association
- The subscribing members are people who pay for their entrance fee according to the governing body’s decision

Article 5 - Members can lose their position for the following reasons : resignation, death or for being struck off or for a grave error.
These people will be heard and given notice by recorded delivery.
The association financial resources

Article 6 - The financial resources come from membership and subsidies given by the State, the Region, the Departments, the Disctricts and the private individuals.
The running of the association

Article 7-0 - The association is managed by a board of 24 members who are elected for 3 years by the General Assembly. Members can be elected again by third each year after a drawing lots the first two years.
Each term of office shall take effect on 1 May following the general meeting and shall end on 30 April at the end of the three years.

Article 7-1 The Board of Directors shall, by absolute majority, establish an Office of the Board of Directors consisting of:

- A president
- Two or three vice-presidents
- A secretary and an assistant
- A treasurer and an assistant
- A webmaster
Each member shall be elected for the duration of his or her current term.

In case of vacancy, the Board will provide a substitute member until the next general assembly,and this will have to be ratified. The powers of the members elected this way thus come to an end on the date when the mandate of the substituted member was to expire.

Article 7-2 If a member is a candidate for being part of the governing body, he may be invited by the administrators for the meetings of the Board until the next General Assembly. His candidacy, co-opted by the members of the governing body, will be presented during the votes at the general assembly, and according to the vacancies within the Governing Body.

Article 8 - The governing body holds a meeting at least once a year according to the convening of the president or according to the request of a quarter of its members. Decisions are taken by a majority. For lack of agreement, the vote of the president will be predominant. Members of the governing body who do not take part to two consecutive meetings with no excuse may be regarded as resigning.
Members of the Board who are harmful to the ethics or the well-functioning of the association due a bad behaviour may be dismissed by the bureau, with a voting majority, and after notification and discussion. In case of equal votes,the vote of the president will be predominant.

Article 9 - The General Assembly is composed of all the members of the association. It takes place once a year. The members are invited at least two weeks before the scheduled date. The notification must stipulate the agenda and the questions to be debated and must take into account other questions.

The president will have to expose the situation of the association, the treasurer will present a financial statement. After discussing, the assembly will have to grant discharge with a voting majority.Finally, the assembly will have to elect the incumbent members as well as the new members.
The commitment of the members in the association

Article 10 - The aims of the association are presented to the members before their commitment. They may be revised according to the circumstances. This presentation will be submitted for approval of the Board and passed during the next general assembly.
Dissolution of the association

Article 11 - In case of a dissolution pronounced by at least the two thirds of the members present at the general assembly, an official liquidator will be appointed , and the assets, if any, will be assigned according to the 1st July 1901 law and the 16th August 1901 decree.