This is an association composed of voluntary people solicitous over laying flowers on the graves of the American soldiers resting in the American soldiers of Normandy, in Colleville-sur-Mer (14) and Saint James (50).

Peace is one of the most precious goods. A price has to be paid for it : that of effort, that of commitment, that of blood, often sadly, and far too much that of ultimate sacrifice.

Peace that we know in Normandy and in France, was given back to us, in 1944, at the cost of fighting and tremendous losses by allied troops.

At Normandy American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer 9387 graves and at Brittany American Cemetery in Saint James 4410 graves remind us of the ultimate sacrifice performed by these brave soldiers to free us from Nazi yoke. In addition to these graves, let us not forget those whose names are engraved on the Walls of the Missing, respectively 1557 and 499 names in these two necropolis.

Nowadays, enjoying everyday the delight to be free, we can, without intending to, forget the ones who rest eternally in our soil partucularly as two generations have not known – and it is fortunate – the horrors of war.

Nothing being gained once and for all, it is imperious that we do not eclipse the past in order to better protect the future. Can't we read this thought from Leo Tolstoy in one of the military cemeteries :

« Before a war is brought to life, it sprouts in the hearts of men for a long time. »

Therefore, in a gesture of respect, gratitude and friendship, the families members of the association « Les Fleurs de la Mémoire » commit themselves, by writing, to lay at least once a year and if possible on Memorial Day, some flowers on one or several graves in these hotspot of Remembrance.

The graves you will lay flowers on will be the ones of the soldiers who fought, most often, in our area for Liberty. It will be named by the association that will let you know, thanks to the provided documents.

In the family, and if possible, the torch will be passed on from parents to children so as to perpetuate the commitment. In case it would be impossible to perpetuate the yearly process, those concerned must let the association know and, if possible, find a family to hand on to.

By laying a flower in a grateful gesture towards the american troops, Les Fleurs de la Mémoire pay tribute to them as well as to those resting in the other allied cemeteries.